REAL Life Drawing: My Eye On Washington DC

REAL Life Drawing: My Eye On Washington DC
Photo- Gessoed Hand of MG Stout holding her favorite paint while prepping paper

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tis Himself

Tis Himself - work in progress - MG Stout

I'm still working from the photographs that I took when I took "the James" into the District.  However I have to shelf that work for the time being.  You see I have a solo show coming up in November. 
WHAT TO DO?????? 
I know! Team up with a super duper charity like Food For Others.  Oh yeah!
I'll give you a few little hints about the show.
1.  A portion of the art sales will go directly to feeding our Northern VA neighbors.
2.  I will be hosting a food drive in building 4 the entire month of November.
So...Raid your pantries and bring all sorts of non-perishables.
Food for Them & Art for You

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