REAL Life Drawing: My Eye On Washington DC

REAL Life Drawing: My Eye On Washington DC
Photo- Gessoed Hand of MG Stout holding her favorite paint while prepping paper

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Concrete Canvas: Fairfax On the Street 2011

Fairfax Government Center Before Celebration

Signage with project description & MG Stout sweating nay painting

One of Four Logo Panels (I didn't photograph all of them)

MG Stout re-creating Gunston Hall

Gunston Hall After the Rain w/ touch up

My dedicated staff...selling my art while I work

George Mason University

MG Stout moving the tent

Fairfax PD Panel Bed Race 

A Goat from the petting zoo

County Seal Re-imagined

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Festival is Coming...

Fairfax County Government Center 

See the sidewalk in the foreground.  That is my concrete canvas.  I will be there for the entire festival.  Imagine rows of tents filled with crafters on the grass.  I will have a staffed tent at the intersection of the crosswalk where people can purchase my artwork, books, and other goodies.  
I'll be easy to find since I will be the sweaty chick covered in chalk crouching over the pavement.  Luckily, CFI will be providing me an additional tent to keep the sunshine from frying me alive!
You can get tickets early at a reduced price at Wegmans or by going to Celebrate Fairfax

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Big Green Cherry as Muse

24 x24 Mixed Media on Canvas 2011 MG Stout
Potential Energy Boys and Girls

Kicking our imagery in my head.
How to depict BGC?
Listening to their tune (blank)
and came up with this little number?
I wonder if you can guess what song it was.

Not sure if I'm finished with this piece.  I'm going to look at it for a bit.  

Tommy I Think You're Okay

24 x 30 Mixed Media On Canvas 
Tommy, Tommy 2 x 4...Thin Enough to Fit Through the Door

Feeling Musical.  
Thinking about the chants
of childhood.
Rewriting them to suit me.

Out with the Old...

I am painting over an old work 
 Smile Like You Mean It
FDR will be my next subject. His monument inspires me.

I've varnished the Washington Post on 
and layered with a variety of transparent glazes

FDR In the Paper He Is the Line 36 x36 Mixed Media on Canvas

Evolution of a Painting

First Wash Canvas 

Second Wash & Charcoal Rough

3rd Wash Painted Loose Sketch

Round 4: Decided I like the reds & oranges better

Oversized Sketch - hating the blue

Covered with the Daily News- much better

Warmed up the background & sketched with white

Philadelphia City Hall if it were dressed as a Mummer!
I dig making reds recede & pushing cool colors forward.  When it works it brings me great joy.