REAL Life Drawing: My Eye On Washington DC

REAL Life Drawing: My Eye On Washington DC
Photo- Gessoed Hand of MG Stout holding her favorite paint while prepping paper

Monday, March 28, 2011

New Painting

Honestly Abe, Those Colors Don't Go Acrylic on Canvas 60 x 48

The National Building Museum 3/26/11

Inside the National Museum Building

Saturday, March 26th the National Building Museum hosted "Family Day" to celebrate the arrival of the annual National Cherry Blossom Festival.  The building was blooming.  There were all sorts of activities inspired by the Cherry Blossoms and Japanese Culture.  Everything was pretty in pink, but my favorite site had to be larger than life Japanese paper lanterns draped from the ceiling.

MG Stout gears up to challenge young artists to show off their blossoms

There were all sorts of Japanese inspired workshops for children to try.  
So what did we do?
We created recycled sketch books from outdated Workhouse Art Center Course Catalogues.  Saving trees!  A perfect activity to honor the Cherry Blossoms.  After participants made their drawing pads we encouraged them to go out into the festival and render the blossoms their way.  We asked parents to photograph the artworks and upload them to our Facebook page.  Our hope is to share all the works with the general public.  We thought kids would be stoked about having their work become a part of our virtual gallery.  

volunteers and staff help youngsters bind their books

artists very busy creating

Fun was had by all.  Families also enjoyed live entertainment.   Dancers moved gracefully across the stage, musicians played, and lively skits were performed by lovable characters.  One highlight of the day was when the star of the new movie HOP came into the building.  The kids went CRAZY!  

The HOP Star (I don't know his name)

If you missed family day there is still time to check out all the exciting events associated with the National Cherry Blossom Festival.  Click this link and plan to spend the day in the District.  It really is the perfect time to visit our Nation's Capitol.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Tad Bit Worried

The National Cherry Blossom Festival kicks off this Saturday at the National Building Museum in DC.  I ordered my tee shirt.  I've prepped the paper (along with volunteers who unselfishly donated their time to help me with the painting - thank you again) packed my supplies & created new artwork for the raffle.  Someone is going to win a MG Stout original valued at $125.00!  Wah-hooey!!!

Here's to hoping that the weather forecast is wrong.  As of today it looks like they are calling for chilly wet weather.  On Saturdays like that I like to snuggle under the covers and stay home ALL DAY.  Yet this Saturday I have no choice.  I will have to put on a happy face and get my fanny into the District early.
I'm not worried about me as I will be demonstrating and issuing my art challenge from INSIDE the Building Museum.  I just hope people come out to see the blossoms.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Gearing Up

I'm listening to Don't Stop 'Till You Get Enough, by Michael Jackson, chair dancing & singing along.  Trying to get pumped for painting while feeling empty on the inside.  I think everyone has those less than successful days. Yesterday was one of those days.   Mind you it was productive in the sense that paintings were made, but I was very disappointed with what was staring back at me from my easel. 
Today is a new day and I am ready to begin again.
God be with me.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Interpreting the Mummers

“Philadelphia, a great sensation, the beating heart of a perfect nation...” is a lyric I sang from a song composed by our music teacher Mr. Fleishman in fifth grade.  Music is in my blood and is a big part of how I see my home town.  When I thought about how best to introduce Philadelphia to the rest of the world the Mummers Day Parade immediately came to mind.  Who better to usher in all the sites and sounds that make Philly the city of brotherly love?  I got permission from Tom Loomis, of the Woodland String Band, to sit in on a practice and create a few images.  (My very talented cousin Kevin is a member of the band) Long story short, the artwork was greeted with tremendous response.

Mummer’s String Bands are struggling to continue a grand musical tradition.  I am stepping up to rally,  and captivate a new audience to keep the Mummers' strutting.  For now I have put a pin in the Philadelphia Series.   Look forward to images portraying the pageantry of the Philadelphia Mummers' String Bands' Association 2011 Show of Shows.

Quaker String Band Smiles, working title

Behind the Scenes, 22 x 12, Acrylic, Pastel & Charcoal on the Philly Daily News

Construction of FDR


FDR 2 w/ Fala Ghosted In

FDR3 w/ Stars & Stripes
Big Boys: FDR & Fala, by MG Stout, Acrylic, Pastel & Charcoal on Post

Sorta Mission Statement

Personal ambition: To visit each major city in the United States and render that imagery onto each city’s newspaper.

Why use newspaper? 

a)  to preserve and safeguard a historically significant document
b)  the material is conversant with the images being depicted 

Newspapers have been the connective tissue keeping communities linked in and informed for ages.  Enter the World Wide Web. It is rapidly shifting how we get our information and changing the physical landscape as well. We are becoming more and more paperless.  Virtual communication is rapidly replacing newspapers and face time with twenty-four hour ticker lines and texts.  YIKES!
These works are a celebration of community and the newspapers that unite them.   

With pastel and charcoal I depict everyday moments, from families touring local monuments to dilapidated buildings.  I have successfully captured moments in our nation’s capitol  with expressive lines and vibrant colors.  The response to this series has been overwhelming.  Of the original 74 pieces included in my book, 36 have been sold and a few are now in the Securities Exchange Commission art collection.   
When  people visit my studio I am always surprised when they ask, “so when are you coming to Chicago… New York…Miami?” Soon, is my response because my gaze is fixed on Philly.