REAL Life Drawing: My Eye On Washington DC

REAL Life Drawing: My Eye On Washington DC
Photo- Gessoed Hand of MG Stout holding her favorite paint while prepping paper

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

WANNA DONATE 2 the Have A Heart Project?

Look What I Can Do, Mixed Media on Canvas, 24x24, MG Stout 2010 

Above is a link to our donation website if you'd like to make a contribution to the 
Have A Heart Art Installation and Food Drive

I'm also am sharing a few paintings from the original series:
Art 4 U and Food For Others
I donate a portion of the proceeds from these painting directly to 

Orange Grin, Mixed Media on Canvas, 24x24, MG Stout 2010

Another Corny Title, Acrylic on Canvas, 24x24, MG Stout 2010

We All Scream for Ice Cream, Acrylic on Canvas 24x24, MG Stout 2010

Raspberry Manicure, Acrylic on Canvas, 24x24, MG Stout 2010

Give Peas A Chance, Mixed Media on Canvas, 24x24, MG Stout 2010

A Kitchen Made of Tape That Is Anything But Tacky

Workhouse Arts Center Studio 4 Installation View #1

The Have a Heart Project is in full swing!  The community is already responding to our challenge and beginning to bring in donations.
Together the artists of Studio 4 drew this kitchen scene out of tape.
YES, tape.  Black painters tape.  The photograph we took doesn't really convey the energy this work oozes.  You've gotta see it in person.  So come on out and see it.
John Gascot & MG Stout fill a cart @ Bottom Dollar

Thanks to the generous $25.00 donation our kitchen is getting a little bit fuller and the folks at Food For Others and the Families they feed will have stocked pantries.
MG Stout at Bottom Dollar
John Gascot at Wegmans
When we are not shopping with the generous donations dropped into our collection lunch box,  John and I are busy creating new food-centric artworks for this socially conscious exhibition.  Our aim is to not only feed our neighbors but to demonstrate the important role art  plays communities.  The Arts and art education cultivate creative minds.  Creative minds are problem solvers.  Problem solvers solve problems and fewer problems make the world a lot more peaceful.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Have a Heart Community Challenge

Workhouse Studio 4

Workhouse Arts Center Studio 4 Artists, John Gascot, Joan Yi, Lynn Goldstein, and MG Stout are working to fight hunger in our local community by launching an innovative food drive wherein the donations will become a part of an art installation!  These award-winning artists will create a new sort of "edible arrangement" that will be disassembled at the end of February and delivered to FOOD FOR OTHERS, a 501(c)(3) the largest distributor of free food to hungry people in Northern Virginia.  Food for Others offers vital assistance needed by our unemployed and low-income neighbors and those facing emergencies such as a family illness or sudden loss of a spouse or job.   They’ve proudly distributed more than 2.7 million pounds of free food in 2011.

The artists of Studio 4 believe in the power of art. They are harnessing that power and challenging themselves and the community.  The purpose of this interactive exhibit is twofold. 
1)    Raise awareness of hunger in our own backyard
2)    Translate awareness to action in the form of a food-centric art installation and exhibition

We are interested in securing business partners who share our projected goals and are willing to contribute their resources to help those in need.  As such, we’re asking you to consider partnering with us during the months of January and February for our Have a Heart Project: Food Drive & Art Installation.  We are primarily seeking non-perishable food donations, but would certainly accept food gift cards as an alternative. Your generous contribution will help bring hunger relief to those in need locally, while supporting resident artists in their educational, artistic, and philanthropic efforts. 

You're all invited to visit & participate in this exciting exhibition.  Bring in a can of soup, a box of pasta, or an entire bag of groceries.  Look into your cupboards with artful eyes.  See all the delicious shapes and bright colors manufactures use in packaging.  Don't they sort of remind you of lego bricks, erector set pieces, linkin' logs?  Collaborate with the artists of studio for as we build this food-er-ific art installation.  Come on and create for GOOD!!!  

Click the link and get the latest  Studio 4 "skinny"  as you will magically be transported to our facebook page.  While you're there be sure to "like" us and share the link with all your pals!