REAL Life Drawing: My Eye On Washington DC

REAL Life Drawing: My Eye On Washington DC
Photo- Gessoed Hand of MG Stout holding her favorite paint while prepping paper

Monday, May 2, 2011

Lighter Note

Okay my armpits are sweaty from the last entry.  I thought I would lighten the mood with a few baby pictures of myself.  Toddler photos are a great distraction.  Next time you are pulled over by the police brake out images of rug rats!  The Po-po won't even recall why he stopped you.
Notice the Inch Worm in the background.  I bought one for myself two Christmas's ago.  It was my favorite vehicle!  The one I have now has a red hat and seat.  I only let certain children ride it. SERIOUSLY
Here I am as the Lone Ranger.  I went everywhere (in my mind) on this stationery stallion. 

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