REAL Life Drawing: My Eye On Washington DC

REAL Life Drawing: My Eye On Washington DC
Photo- Gessoed Hand of MG Stout holding her favorite paint while prepping paper

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Tad Bit Worried

The National Cherry Blossom Festival kicks off this Saturday at the National Building Museum in DC.  I ordered my tee shirt.  I've prepped the paper (along with volunteers who unselfishly donated their time to help me with the painting - thank you again) packed my supplies & created new artwork for the raffle.  Someone is going to win a MG Stout original valued at $125.00!  Wah-hooey!!!

Here's to hoping that the weather forecast is wrong.  As of today it looks like they are calling for chilly wet weather.  On Saturdays like that I like to snuggle under the covers and stay home ALL DAY.  Yet this Saturday I have no choice.  I will have to put on a happy face and get my fanny into the District early.
I'm not worried about me as I will be demonstrating and issuing my art challenge from INSIDE the Building Museum.  I just hope people come out to see the blossoms.

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