REAL Life Drawing: My Eye On Washington DC

REAL Life Drawing: My Eye On Washington DC
Photo- Gessoed Hand of MG Stout holding her favorite paint while prepping paper

Monday, March 14, 2011

Interpreting the Mummers

“Philadelphia, a great sensation, the beating heart of a perfect nation...” is a lyric I sang from a song composed by our music teacher Mr. Fleishman in fifth grade.  Music is in my blood and is a big part of how I see my home town.  When I thought about how best to introduce Philadelphia to the rest of the world the Mummers Day Parade immediately came to mind.  Who better to usher in all the sites and sounds that make Philly the city of brotherly love?  I got permission from Tom Loomis, of the Woodland String Band, to sit in on a practice and create a few images.  (My very talented cousin Kevin is a member of the band) Long story short, the artwork was greeted with tremendous response.

Mummer’s String Bands are struggling to continue a grand musical tradition.  I am stepping up to rally,  and captivate a new audience to keep the Mummers' strutting.  For now I have put a pin in the Philadelphia Series.   Look forward to images portraying the pageantry of the Philadelphia Mummers' String Bands' Association 2011 Show of Shows.

Quaker String Band Smiles, working title

Behind the Scenes, 22 x 12, Acrylic, Pastel & Charcoal on the Philly Daily News

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